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The Ultimate Entertainment Hub for anyone who loves a good story. Our BEYOND CHARACTER slogan is just how it sounds.

Meaning that a character has so much of "it", that they seem like something more. Whether that's in Videogames, Movies, Shows, Novels, or even music.

This studio makes it all! Our selection will be so diverse, that there will always be something you will enjoy in our arsenal!

Jhazelle is the official mascot of SPY Studios. She is 30 years old and is mostly calm and collected. Just don't try to annoy her. She will not like it.

More About Jhazelle

Jhazelle Famous Pose.png

This pose will be her signature stance for SPY Studios.

Her official outfit will be different. It will be a blue and black, Victorian style, dress.

Kind of like this:

If you create fan art of her, please tag the SPY Studios instagram, or Facebook page.

I would love to view them!


Soon I will create an interactive game where you can talk to her to get to know her even more.

This is actually a minimalistic 'Nikko Blue' Hydrangea shrub.
(My favorite plant :D)
Although people refer to me as 'SPY', the "SPY" in SPY Studios, is actually from the videogame series SPYRO The Dragon.
(My favorite videogame)
Is there a character you read in a book, seen on the big screen, in your own thoughts, or with your very eyes that you wish to be, admire, despise, or even love?
I would like to think we all have someone. Each and everyone of them has a story to tell, whether its fill with joy and happiness, or Death and hate. 
Their story defines who they are as a person,  creature, or being. Its not all about what they look like as far as gender, age, race, or which way they swing.
It's not about a stronger female/male character, but about a stronger CHARACTER that happens to be who they are!
All of this you will see in my characters in games, novels, and other forms.
So listen, I have a story to tell!

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