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Axle Grail Update 0.2.8 Notes

Here are all the changes and addtions for this update of Axle Grail:

Fixed Wanda Switching to Rico Bug.

Fixed some Vital Damage from 35 to 75.

New Playable character Added. (Juul)

New Mage Battle System.

Added "Boss Run" Gamemode.

Interface Changes.

Fixed Anora's Quirk Behavior.

The character "Elia" has been locked for Bugs. (Will be re-released)

Added New win screens. (April, Everything, Bell, Peru)

Changed the Weapon Slash Design of Roxi and Alissa.

Added a default picture for characters without a win screen.

New Map Added.

New Enemies Added.

Fixed the unable to go in-or-out of battle mode after clicking on "Resume" from the pause menu bug.

Increased the quality of some fonts.

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