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Axle Grail

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Axle Grail will undergo a major overhaul before its Early Release. A video update will be uploaded to YouTube to explain in more detail.


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Videos Coming Soon!

Videos showcasing all the changes will be posted on YouTube soon. I plan on make a big video quickly showing off each change one by one. Then I will have to make a separate videos showing off the Mage

Axle Grail Update 0.2.8 Notes

Here are all the changes and addtions for this update of Axle Grail: Fixed Wanda Switching to Rico Bug. Fixed some Vital Damage from 35 to 75. New Playable character Added. (Juul) New Mage Battle Syst

Making sure 0.2.8 is worth it

The next update for Axle Grail will be its biggest one yet! It has to be since this is the last update before I will work extensively on my next release (True-Self). Things are moved around in the men


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